In 2004, I connected with Nuit – a goddess of the Eyptian tradition – when I started working closely with Isis for my channeling and healing work. Unlike Isis’s  magical and majestic presence, Nuit’s energy is subtle, gentle, comforting and sometimes even non noticeable. The ancient Egyptians believed Nuit’s body to be the embodiment of the night sky and the stars which shine tirelessly upon the Earth and mankind.

Nuit originates from the 4th dimensional Pleiades star system of the Milky Way Galaxy. The consciousness of the Pleiadians and the Sirians of 6th dimension have long been imprinted and anchored onto Earth through archetypal forms such as Nuit and Isis.

The tarot card ‘The Star’ symbolises Nuit and serves as a doorway to the Pleiades. It is a card of hope, a promise of things unseen. If and whenever you experience the ‘dark night of the soul’, reach out for The Star and allow Nuit and the Pleiadians to unveil the Hope remembered by your eternal Heart. Blessings, Ann.

Image below: ‘The Star’ of the Thoth Tarot Cards by Aleister Crowley. Pour water on thyself. Thus shall thou be a fountain to the Universe. Find thou thyself in every star. Achieve thou every possibility.”