Dancers with Joy will be my first collaboration with the Pleiadians. When the Pleiadian High Council approached me to put together this workshop, I asked the Council why in October. I was told ‘in accordance with divine timing’. Here’s what the Council Members meant….

“In the 90 days following the Equinox of 22nd September 2012, Earth will be anchored strongly with the 4th dimensional (4D) vibration emanated from the core of Pleiades as an important foundation and framework for Earth to unfold into her 5D light body on 21st December 2012. During this 90-day period, the Heart of Pleiades (Central Sun) will be joined with the Heart of Earth (Sun) to greatly expand the Earth’s 4D light matrix and accordingly catalyse the materialisation of the human’s 4D genetic attribute: expanding Love into Joy.

Besides the theme of home and family, the month of October 2012 also means to be of planetary service. If the joyous, fun and loving nature of the Pleiadians appeal to you and you’re looking for an opportunity to serve actively as a Light bringer, I welcome you to this grand initiation of Dancers of Joy!

Workshop program available at Dancers of Joy. Email to for registration. Blessings, Ann.

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