Vega star with rings

Source of Photo: CHRIS BUTLER/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY – Artwork of the star Vega (Alpha Lyrae, white, centre) surrounded by its ring system. 

Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the Harp. Not surprisingly it earns itself the nickname as the Harp Star. Vega is also the fifth brightest star in the night sky.

Serving as the physical doorway to the Lyra constellation of 10th-12th dimensions, Vega is thus clearly visible to the human eyes. On this special day of 10.10 (10th of October), the dimensional vibrations of Lyra could be felt strongly on Earth through the Vega star. Breathe in the brilliant white light of Vega (with a blue hue around it) through your third eye and as your exhale, allow this light to move through your entire body, stimulating the re-activation of your 12-strand DNA potential. Repeat this series of deep inhalations and exhalations until you feel a deep connection and merger between you and the Lyra constellation.

The Lyra portal openings will occur three times in 2012. Today’s being the initiation or preparation for the next round of activation on 11.11.2012 (2 days before total solar eclipse of 13 Nov), followed by the deepest connection and thus grand completion on 12.12.2012. These three dates correspond to the 10th,11th and 12th dimensional frequencies of the Lyra star system.

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If you open your heart and mind to the bright star Vega, you shall hear the celestial songs of Lyra – the Harp – breezing through your light body. Much love to All, Ann.