I love working with Lord Ganesha, the Hindu deity who is very skilled in protecting us from negative energies and removing obstacles from our path during times of spiritual transformation.

Ganesha has this to say about the ‘deaths’ which many of us are going through right now, as part of our soul’s evolution that is inevitably linked to the Earth’s current rebirth as a 4th dimensional consciousness (also read post of 8 October 2012).

“If you are having depressing thoughts or nasty dreams about ‘death’ more frequently these days and are feeling uncomfortable about these experiences, there are two reasons for this phenomenon:

a) subconsciously, you are hanging on to out-dated beliefs and thought forms which your ego or personality self is not wanting to let go. The fear vibrations embedded in these subconscious memories are fighting to stay alive lest they become forgotten and neglected, now that you are being led by your soul to become Love again. All that these fear energies desire is to be loved, so simply love and embrace them as part of you.This is the only way to transcend these fears into higher vibrations of love and oneness and as a result, restore the peace in you

b) You are picking up prevalent fear-based thoughts and emotions from your environment and these energies are being processed and interpreted by your mind and body as if they have originated from your own memories. Call upon me Ganesha, the God of destruction of all evil forces, during your meditations so I may release these disturbances from your aura and restore your inner balance.”

Thank you, Lord Ganesha for sharing your wisdom and for your protection. Blessings, Ann.

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