I am one of those ‘fortunate’ beings who are particularly sensitive to lunar cycles. Having my usual difficulty falling asleep on a pre-New Moon night, I decided to make better use of my time by having a conversation with my God-self.

Ann: Dear God, what is it that I should do more or be more to truly realise my potential and purpose on Earth?

Inner Voice:  To remember you are already Perfect.

Ann: Hmm…do you mind elaborating on that, please?

Inner Voice: To breathe in the Perfection that you are.

Ann: Sorry, I don’t think I am following you very well. I mean… how is remembering and breathing in Perfection relevant to fulfilling my destiny?

Inner Voice:  Reinforcing the knowing that you are created from the perfect image of God (Me) restores your inner balance of peace, harmony and gratitude. Breathing in deeply the sensation of Perfection into your body strengthens this divine knowing and connects you deeper to your intuitive insights, thereby providing the roadmap towards  your destiny – one step at a time.

Ann: Ah, I see. What a profoundly simple advice. Great thanks!

After affirming ‘I am Perfect and Whole’ a few times, I finally fell asleep in peace, harmony and gratitude. New Moon Blessings to All, Ann.

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