Message from Archangel Michael:

“My warmest greetings to you, our beloved warriors of light! Since the Equinox of 22nd September 2012, with the Sun moving into alignment with the Central Sun of the Pleiades system, the Earth has transited to the 4th dimensional frequency of Light. This 90-day period is critical stabilising the morphing of the 4th dimensional Earth, prior to and in preparation of her progression into the 5th dimensional vibrational light from 21st December 2012.

Many of the Earth children born in or after year 2000 are gifted with the full awakening of their 4th strand DNA either at birth or by the time they turn age 5 – which enables them to display the attributes of a 4th dimensional being. They are the Love Avatars who have chosen to be on Earth at this time to assist in the dimensional shift by being Love. While the bodies of these evolved souls are generally comfortable wearing, receiving, processing and transmitting the Love vibration, the same body is likely to feel drained, attacked and irritable when into contact with energies that are of the 3rd dimensional frequency, especially human emotions that are fear-based.

The current shift of Earth’s consciousness from the 3rd to 4th dimension necessarily involves massive purging and release of dense vibrations still locked in the Earth’s energy grid and the collective memory of mankind. This is a crucial time for protecting the physical, emotional and mental wellness of the angelic children on Earth. Call upon me Archangel Michael through the following invocation, so I am may offer comfort, protection and counsel to these beautiful souls:

“With my will aligned with Divine Will, I ask for Archangel Michael to surround me with his  illuminous blue light of protection and wisdom. I ask for Archangel Michael to release and purify all vibratory thought forms and emotions present in my aura and body that are not of love. And this shall be done. Amen.”

Event News: 27 Oct 2012 – Workshop ‘Dancers of Joy’ is designed with the intention of helping Earth and ourselves anchor, explore and express the 4th dimensional qualities of Love and Joy. Register with Ann at 

Thank you, Archangel Michael for this gift of protection and assurance. Blessings, Ann.