Last evening, a young teenager asked if I could help her make a decision on something important. I found myself sharing this simple divination method with her …

“We always have the answers to our questions, including the best option or decision for any situation we’re facing. These answers are relayed to us through our intuition. For example, to use your intuition to decide between two options, try this method.

Step 1. Close your eyes and take several slow, deep breaths in and out of your body until your mind is totally relaxed

Step 2. Through your third eye, visualise yourself surrounded by the first option. Notice the colour(s) that come to your mind naturally and the degree of their vibrancy. Maintain the awareness of what you’re observing in your mind without feeling emotionally attached or reactive

Step 3. Take another deep breath into your body and as you gently exhale, let go of the first image.

Step 4. Repeat Step 2 with the second option.

Step 5. Use the following general rules to decode and evaluate the colour-messages transmitted by your intuitive mind:

  • The more radiant and brighter the colour(s) denotes a stronger pull from the Higher Self towards that particular choice; meaning the option is more aligned with the will of your higher aspect
  • Predominantly Yellow  – opportunity to experience joy of the heart
  • Predominantly Blue – opens up the mind to new intellectual learning; a strong mental stimulus
  • Predominantly Violet – an experience of high spiritual value, though option may not yield physical or material results immediately
  • Predominantly Green – provides a healing opportunity, such as transcending a negative karmic pattern, improvement to overall health

Step 6. If colours of both images are different but equally radiant, go for the option that matches with the type of experience you’re desiring consciously. If you are unsure of that, repeat the procedure (Step 1 – 5) on another day.

Step 7. Give thanks to your higher self for the guidance received. “

Hope you’ll find this channeling method a useful and fun practice. Blessings, Ann.