I have been pondering over this question for a while and was most grateful when my guides shared their sound advice.

Ann: “Dearest Masters of Light, a common message channeled for Light Workers is that we came to Earth to be of service to humanity. How do we ensure we always serve with the purity of our heart and not be distracted by the ego’s addictive need for recognition, fame and power?”

Guides: “To remain a pure channel and messenger for Spirit is to maintain a high level of self-awareness; specifically be aware of the motivation underlying your service and your thoughts surrounding it. Whenever you start to identify yourself as your work, you would be putting a form to your Light. Form creates and reinforces ego which in turn drains the life force energy from you and all whom you attempt to serve. Fearing of its extinction, ego strengthens itself by feeding off the light of others, creating a psychological and emotional addiction for attention from the outside world. Constrained by such egoistic motive, your ability to shine your Soul Light and thus generate positive changes through your work will be diminished.”

Thank you, our dearest Spirit Guides from the highest plane of Light. Blessings, Ann.