Overshadowed by the Pleiadian High Council, the Dances of Joy workshop was concluded in Singapore this evening. Of the numerous teachings transmitted by the Council, I found the Pleiadian practice of Singing Praises particularly impactful and humbling.

We were told that on designated days in their star system, the Pleiadians will gather in spherical looking structures (similar to our town halls) to perform the ritual of singing praises to one other, meaning to express gratitude for the experiences co-created.  Our Pleiadian guides further explained that as the vibrations of appreciation and gratitude are energised regularly at these gatherings, the love and joy frequencies will naturally be heightened within the  individual star communities and accordingly across their entire constellation. (The Pleiades constellation is made up of 7 sister stars).

Urged by the guides, the workshop participants then had a go at singing praises but with a slight modification from the Pleiadian ritual. Instead of expressing appreciation for another being, we were guided to sing praises to ourselves. While demonstrating the procedure, I found myself saying “I love myself for being the truth that I Am”. Immediately an  indescribable sense of lightness overwhelmed me.

Singing praises as the Pleiadians do, can easily be incorporated into any form of spiritual gatherings to strengthen the love and joy connection among ourselves. Try it and experience for yourself the Lightness of your Being. Blessings, Ann.