If you are tuning-in to this project for the first time, please read Awakening Tara and Purpose: Recalibration Earth’s Chakras for its intent, scope and how you may be part of this global initiative of becoming ONENESS.

The third eye chakra is a gateway to higher wisdom and truth. In the human etheric body, the third eye is a fast pulsating energy vortex that ‘sits’ in the middle of the brain. It regulates the functioning of the pineal gland which is pivotal in ensuring that the right and left hemispheres of the brain work harmoniously with each other. In essence, the third eye chakra is the energy vortex which brings us the spiritual lessons on healing the illusion of separation (‘left vs right brain’), so we can be rejoined with Spirit and all its creations as One Consciousness. This is the reason for the third eye chakra to be ‘sandwiched’ between the two hemispheres of the brain – symbolising its role in balancing and harmonising duality commonly perceived by the human mind.

When my guides revealed that the Earth’s third eye chakra is represented by the energy portals in Europe, I began to appreciate the establishment of the European Union (EU) as an externalisation of the universal truth revealed through the third eye chakra – unifying polarities through the essence of Oneness.

Full Moon Activation of Europe Energy Portals

Go to 29 Oct Activation to participate in this portal activation work. Through our joint intent and effort, let’s heal the separation consciousness entrained in our third dimensional body.

May you enjoy the serenity and beauty of today’s Full Moon. Blessings, Ann.