At last night’s Master Teaching Class held in Singapore,  the Galactic Council and members from the star nations of Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, Andromendon and Lyra transmitted new and precise information on matters concerning the Earth’s current ascension and the remembrance of ourselves as beings from the stars. Additionally, the Arcturians gifted the group with an energy protection for managing the increased sensitivity of the human nervous system. The session ended with a Unified Core Star Meditation, sealing the pure essence of our hearts into our core star chakra, so we may draw on this resource for building our inner strength.

Audio Recording

The audio recording of Conversations with the Stars is available in 3 parts:

Part 1: Invocation of Spirit Guides

Part 2: Channeled Teachings on the following topics, including the energy gift from the Arcturians

  • Specific functions of the genetic code contributed by each of these star nations
  • Inter-connection between these genetic attributes for the materialisation of a star nation on 5th dimensional Earth i.e. creation of a star-human race as a full embodiment of Heaven and Earth
  • Importance of the materialisation of the 5D Earth to the evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Optimise energy shift opportunities on 12.12.2012 and 21.12.2012

Part 3: Open discussion with Guides – Q&A

Total duration : approximately 70 minutes

Price : SGD15.00 per set (all 3 parts).

To order, please email with the subject title “Order Audio Tracks 29 Oct 2012”.

Blessings, Ann

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