When I first started my healing work, I channeled mainly the Ascended Masters who like us, had chosen to be on Earth for their ascension lessons and to be  of service to humanity. Through the virtues they embody and the stories of their incarnations on Earth, I learned to appreciate the beauty and humility of being a human.

I connected with the Christed star beings at a later stage. The Sirians were the first to contact me, followed by the Pleiadians, Arcturians and of late, the Elohim and the Lyrans. Working with these highly evolved star civilisations greatly expanded my experience as a multi-dimensional being and quickened the remembrance of my ‘ET’ abilities and gifts.

With both the Ascended Masters and Christed extraterrestrial beings as my spiritual teachers and guides, I’ve learned to explore, express and enjoy my beingness as Heaven and Earth, Star and Human.

Connecting with the Ascended Masters and Beings from the Lyra Star Nation in Hong Kong, November 2012

You are welcome to experience the connection with these guides, through me as their messenger and channel, at the following events:

Blessings, Ann.