Buddha Maitreya, the main spiritual sponsor for this retreat, was certainly right in naming it ‘Be Joy’.

Andy and I had a fantastic time in Bali with a group of 11 joyful souls. Throughout the 4-day retreat, there were heaps and heaps of laughter echoing throughout Ananda Cottages (the retreat venue). The joyous atmosphere climaxed at our farewell dinner on New Moon Solar Eclipse night – we generated enough merriment, laughter and noise to almost tear the restaurant down. Thank you, Buddha Maitreya, for overshadowing and entraining us deeply with your joyous vibration.

Retreat Themes

Guided by the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and the Lyra High Council, the program was delivered via 4 inter-related themes:

  • Remembering Your Dreams – understanding our soul contract in the area of  selfless service
  • Discovering Fears – knowing the fears which limit us in fulfilling our soul work and learning to transmute these denser vibrations
  • Weaving Dreams – remembering the strengths and gifts we incarnated with and applying this information to expand on our soul mission
  • Living Your Dreams – learning from the Dream Weavers of the Lyra star system the technique of breathing life into our dreams and visions

There were insights channeled for the individual participants in the above areas which made the teachings from the guides more personalised and meaningful. The program ended with a New Moon Solar Eclipse night meditation where Buddha Maitreya initiated us as Masters of Joyous Service.

Sharing and Spreading Joy

I was given the following insight in August when Maitreya requested that I put together this retreat. I have experienced it to be real and true. It gives me tremendous joy to be sharing this wisdom with all:

“When we embrace ourselves and the world as ONE consciousness, we experience Love of the Heart. When we live by the inner knowing that we are guided by a higher wisdom, we enjoy Peace of Mind. From this space of Love and Peace, we naturally become Joy and everything we do is thus transformed into Joyous Service. 

As Earth begins her new evolutionary cycle come 2013, we too will be guided to write a new life script for ourselves. If we begin our new journey with Joy, so will Earth and her people.”

Andy and I are greatly thankful to our Be Joy participants for having co-created this wonderful retreat and more significantly, giving us the opportunity to serve with Joy on this final solar eclipse of Earth’s current evolutionary cycle of 26,000 years.

More Teachings from the Ascended Masters and Lyra High Council

These Masters of Light and Love will be speaking at the following events in Hong Kong:

You are most welcome to join us.

Many Blessings of Joy, Ann.