At the Spirituality 101 Course in Hong Kong, Lord Gautama Buddha taught (a) karma is the physical experience of a thought and (b) attaining spiritual enlightenment is a process involving the conservation and optimization of our energy and consciousness.

Therefore having a non-loving or low vibrational thought not only causes us to attract an uninspirationall experience, it also drains our life force energy, deterring the expansion of our consciousness. If it is not released or transmuted immediately, such a low vibrational thought tends to attract similar thoughts and over time, a negative thinking pattern is formed and becomes a memory of the body.

Goddess Kuan Yin, the Lady Master of Compassion and Mercy, gifted the group with an energy activation for releasing negative karmic memories from our body, followed by harmonising our mental, emotional and physical body. Until we have developed a complete awareness of our thoughts, it is possible that we continue to generate lower ordered thoughts out of habit. Lady Kuan Yin thus recommended that we use the karmic clear meditation track regularly to prevent the accumulation of such fear-based energies at any level of our consciousness.

Click Kwan Yin Karmic Clearing to listen to this recorded meditation (6 minutes).

Blessings, Ann.