Intro: If you are tuning-in to this project for the first time, please read Awakening Tara and Purpose: Recalibration Earth’s Chakras for its intent, scope and how you may be part of this global initiative of becoming ONENESS.

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Final Full Moon Before 21 December 2012

Not only does today’s full moon coincide with a lunar eclipse, it is also the last full moon marking the completion of the current World Age (5,125 years) and Precessional Cycle (25,125 years) we are in. The radiant and luminous full moon coupled with a lunar eclipse can be extraordinarily potent for healing and transmuting discordant emotions.

Solar Plexus as our Emotional Radio

The solar plexus of the human etheric body works like an emotional radio, constantly scanning and picking up all sorts of emotional energies from our environment. Over time, our solar plexus can become drained and out of sync from its natural vibratory pattern, leading to a depletion of our inner power and eventually giving rise to emotional imbalances. As our energy bodies are inter-connected with the Earth’s, if we were to practise releasing discordant emotions through our solar plexus, we can assist the Earth to rebalance her emotional body too.

There is No Coincidence, Only Divine Timing and Order

At the onset of “Awakening Tara” project, I was told by the Elohim that (i) the continent Africa represents the solar plexus of Earth’s 3D etheric body; and (ii) the energy portals residing at that location will be activated by Galactic transmissions on 28 November 2012. I can now understand the Elohim’s intention of riding on today’s lunar eclipse to clear out lower-ordered emotions from Earth’s solar plexus and fully restoring her power, in preparation for her rebirth as a 5th dimensional consciousness on 21st December 2012.

Full Moon Activation of  Africa Energy Portals

Go to 28 November Activation to participate in today’s portal activation work. Through our joint intent and effort, let’s assist Earth to rebalance and recalibrate her solar plexus and other parts of her etheric body to be aligned with the 5th dimensional frequency of One with Spirit.

I am thankful to our dear friend Winifred Lai for sharing her memories of a recent trip to Tanzania (Africa). Go to Tanzania to read about Winifred’s travel experience and view the gorgeous pictures of Earth in her wild and natural form.

Completion of ‘Awakening Tara’ Initiative, 1 August 2012 to 28 November 2012 

My deepest gratitude to friends of ACAST who have supported this global initiative either by participating in the monthly portal activation meditations, contributing the photos of the various power sites, informing others of this project or having done all of the above. Let us continue to uphold the intent of manifesting One Earth-One Consciousness as we count down to 21st December 2012.

May You be Love, May They be Peace, May We be One.

Many Blessings, Ann.