Responding to my request for a message appropriate for the month of December 2012, Lady Kuan Yin, representing the Spiritual Hierachy, asked that we consciously align our thoughts and emotions to peace, gentleness and compassion as we count down to 21st December 2012 – the time of perfect alignment and harmonization of the Earth, Sun, Central Sun and the Great Central Sun, also known as the Galactic Center. These feminine vibratory patterns will assist in bringing an experience of expansion and joy, rather than alienation and fear, during the ongoing planetary shift to the 5th Dimension.

If you have been feeling unusually lethargic, unmotivated, indecisive or experiencing difficulty in focusing your thoughts or tuning-in to your own intuition, Lady Kuan Yin advised against pushing these feelings away or trying too hard to overcome these tendencies using our mind power. Instead connect with the gentleness of your heart and allow it to permeate across your body. Remind yourself you are not those vibrations which you judge as irritating and undesirable. As you practise being a neutral observer of your feelings and thoughts, you can regain your inner balance quicker, allowing you to create the positive experiences your body desires, such as feeling energised, mentally alert, quick-actioned and more.

Blessings, Ann.