At the recently concluded Spirituality 101 workshop in Hong Kong, the guides advised that we could use prayers, in addition to energy healings and activations, to build and strengthen our light body during this time of rising planetary vibration. The sooner our energy system is recalibrated and reprogrammed to hold the faster pulsating light and sound vibrations of the 5th dimension, the less we need to experience the different ascension symptoms, some of them can be uncomfortable.

A prayer is a statement of strong and clear intent. By saying a prayer aloud, we are using sounds – the most powerful medium of creation – to deliver our desires to the Universe. A clear intent expressed through the appropriate sound vibrations (including words) helps to create magically.

Go to Prayers for Building Your Soul Light for a suggested list.

For other prayers which I use regularly during meditations and energy workshops, go to Useful Prayers.

Blessings, Ann.

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