I first became curious about the symbol ’12’ when I came across this wonderful book ‘Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library” channeled by Barbara Marciniak. That was in February 2005.

In her introduction, Barbara shared:

“Fortunately, the format for this book was clear from the start. It was to contain twelve chapters and would be designed to deliver the reader deeper into the experience of the “influence of twelve”. The Pleiadians maintained that we were bound within twelve, so to discover more, we could use the binding itself to evolve”.

Flipping through the book tonight and seeing that I had ‘unconsciously’ highlighted the following paragraphs during my first reading of the book, I realised my guides have long prepared me for the arrival of 12.12.2012.

“The material in this book is designed to decode you through the very system that structures and defines you: the twelve. Imagine yourself experiencing the numerical symbols of one through twelve, as in the twelve months of a calendar, the twelve movements through the signs of the zodiac, or the twelve hours around the clock, and then add to these symbols your own personal avenue of twelve. Imagine you have twelve strands of DNA and that these activate and connect to your twelve chakras, which are energy doorways through which you access your spiritual heritage”.

“You have agreed to carry light and return light to this planet. As you begin to fill your body with light, your memory must be opened. You must evolve as the DNA evolves, into a multidimensional version of yourself, spanning many layers of reality. Picture yourself spiraled with twelve different strands of DNA. The double helix has two strands. Imagine twelve strands all hooked together. You can picture them as six pairs, although that is not necessary how they combine. Play with this image making. Outside of your body, picture energy highways coming out of your twelve chakras. You live in a web of invisible energy. The twelve strands of DNA serve as links to this web through the twelve chakras that act as energetic doorways into your body, connecting you to the vital force of existence. It is through the opening and activation of these portals of energy that you can know yourself.”

As Within, So Without. Equally true is As Without, So Within.

The date 12.12.12 on planet Earth (‘Without’) marks the opening of the Lyra star gate which will trigger the activation of the twelve chakras in our light body and the twelve strands of DNA in our genetic template (‘Within’).

Intent creates and conscious intent creates powerfully.

On this day of the twelve, may I suggest you give intent to receive a full recoding and activation of your dormant DNA and an expansion of your light quotient, so you may experience a deeper connection with your multidimensional Cosmic Self.

Wishing you an extraordinary and transformational experience on 12.12.12.  Much love, Ann.

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