21st December 2012 marks an important transition not only for Earth, but also for our souls. As the Earth move towards the completion of her current evolutionary cycle of 5,125 years (which the Mayans called the 5th World Age), we too are being prepared for a soul advancement.

As we approach The End of Time, our souls are being guided to review and assimilate the experiences gained throughout our Earth incarnations, to allow for a synthesis and consolidation of our soul wisdom. If you have been seeing vibrant colours in your meditations or encountering lots of rainbows lately, these phenomenon could signify your Soul Light – represented by the different rays you were born under in each incarnation -entering and merging with your energy field. As Within, So Without.

The 7 Personality Rays

The 7 rays are embodiments of 7 types of force which demonstrate 7 qualities of God:

1st Ray  – Power, Will or Purpose

2nd Ray – Love, Wisdom

3rd Ray – Active, Creative Intelligence

4th Ray – Harmony through Conflict, Beauty, Art

5th Ray – Concrete Science

6th Ray – Abstract Idealism or Devotion

7th Ray – Ceremonial Order, Magic, Ritual, Organization

The Chohans of the 7 Rays are here to support us with the soul expansion process. Invite them into your consciousness and request that they form a rainbow bridge, connecting you deeper with your soul.

Read Posts from 26 February through 3 March for an introduction on Rays and the Ray Masters.

Check out product The Rainbow Audio Book as an additional resource for understanding and working with the 7 rays.

Many Ray-Blessings

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