(Photo on left: Shrine of Goddess Hathor, Hatshepsut Temple, Egypt Sacred Tour, November 2008).

During this critical transitional time on Earth, the Hathors (light beings associated with the Pleiadian star system) wish to remind us of the potency of our feelings in shaping our experiences :-

The emotion of ‘expectancy’ is a neutral and critical one. While it carries extremely high potential energy, it may not always be manifested as a positive feeling, hence a positive experience for us. It represents a moment of choice, an opportunity for creating a change in our mental and emotional pattern. We can imagine the emotion of expectancy as a battery, charged with latent energy. How we use this battery is entirely up to us. If we expect to have a positive feeling, followed by a positive experience, chances are we’ll attract exactly that. Of course, the same is true for negative expectations. 

Read Post of 15 Feb 2012 – Let’s Talk about the Emotion of Expectancy for their full teaching.

In other words, if we expect ourselves to attract positive feelings and thus positive experiences during The Shift (3 days before and after 21st December 2012), our mental body, leveraging on the higher energy frequency now available on Earth, will thus enable such a reality to be magnetised to us.

Post for Tomorrow: The Sphinx Awakens on 21st December 2012


(Me and the Sphinx, 11.11.2008)

I am told by my guides to standby for new messages about the awakening of the Sphinx. I don’t know what these messages are at the moment but I intuitively feel they are important for our understanding of the ascension process and how we can best make use of current times to achieve soul ascension. Watch this space if you are keen to know more. Please pass on this announcement to your friends and loved ones if it resonates with your inner knowing. Thank you.

Blessings, Ann

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