Today marks many new beginnings …

  • A New Earth of 5th Dimension 
  • A New World Age of 5,125 years
  • A New Precessional Cycle of 25,625 years
  • A New Galactic Expansion Cycle of 120,500 years

convergence of cycles

To celebrate and honour this grand new beginning for Mankind, Masters of Light from the higher heavens and the Archangels presented us with the energy gifts of the 13th Ray (Ray of the Illuminated Heart) and for Abundant Living on New Earth.

Click  to listen to the live recording of these energy transmissions and accompanying teachings at the Golden Mirror of Time celebration on 21.12.2012, Singapore (12 minutes).

A Joyous New Galactic Year to every being, life form and civilization of the Milky Way Galaxy! 


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