This is a message from Alcyone, the Central Sun and the Heart of the Pleiades System.

If you are ready to merge with your Soul Self and allow this higher aspect of you to lead and create your life on New Earth, you will soon live in the midst of the beautiful beings from the Pleiades star constellation. Your Soul is a consciousness that’s always been aligned with the 5th and higher dimensions of Oneness and Unity. It is your ego that needs to evolve beyond fear and transcend the 3rd dimensional reality of separation consciousness, in order that you be transformed into a soul-ful being. 

Earth’s ascension to the 5th dimensional body of light provides you with the thrust of an upward shift in your vibratory frequency and an expansion of your consciousness. As you – the personality, ego and lower self – surrenders to the love and wisdom of your soul, you will make contact with the realm of the 4th dimension where you mingle and interface with the intelligence of the Pleiadians.

Ask for your Soul to enter your heart to rekindle the I AM flame of eternal love and compassion. From this space of a heart remembered of its essence, invite the Pleiadians into your body of light. What the body senses and imbibes as vibratory patterns , the mind and eyes shall see as manifested form. This is how you will walk the same Earth with the Pleiadians.

May you have a wonderfully healing and transformative connection with our soul brothers and sisters from the Pleiades cluster of light, Amara Tia Ann.

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