As Spirit starts preparing me energetically to deliver this important workshop  “Making of the New Adam Kadmon” on the New Moon of February (Sydney), I am asked to study and imbibe the living light coded in the ‘The Keys of Enoch© – The Book of Knowledge’ by J.J. Hurtak.

Tomorrow we observe the first New Moon since Earth’s ascension to the 5th dimensional envelope of Light on 21st December 2012. I am asked to highlight one of these Keys (of Enoch), so you may use it as the intent and focus for your New Moon meditation:

“2-0-2: The Keys to future biophysics are given in nuclear membranes involved in language transparency codings beyond acid denaturation and in gel formation by nuclei connecting different mammalian chromosomes to one another”.

I believe it is not as important to understand this key rationally than it is to ‘inhale’ the embedded light, sound and geometric codes into your heart chakra. This will catalyse the remembrance of the higher truths and the activation of light grids coded in your cellular memory.

‘Making of the New Adam Kadmon’ Workshop – Activating the Keys of Enoch

Spirit also asked that whenever guided, I shall share the messages decoded from The Keys of Enoch as I study them. For now, I’ll like to highlight the following extract from Key 2-0-2 and the interpretation given to me:

“Para 19. Enoch showed me, while I was still within Merkabah, that the precise angular frequency of optical codes used in the geometry of life will differ from meta-galactic order to meta-galactic order, from cycle of Adam Kadmon to cycle of Adam Kadmon.”

Besides Earth’s ascension, 21st December 2012 also marked the beginning of a new galactic expansion cycle – which is referred to in the above quote as meta-galactic order. This new order at the galactic level has to be reflected on Earth and integrated into our light body – so we can become the new cycle of Adam Kadmon.

At the Making of the New Adam Kadmon workshop,  I will serve as the conduit for Archangel Metatron to bring through the precise angular frequency of optical codes used in the geometry of life for expanding and sustaining Life and Light in the angelic human body under the new meta-galactic order.

“Key 1-0-7 : The key name given to enter into the presence of the Throne of Light Pyramid of the next Universe is METATRON.”

Despite The Keys of Enoch being used as energetic backbone for this workshop, I am told the teachings from the Elohim, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael will be easy to understand and in fact made practicable and implementable as a new way of living on New Earth.

This workshop will be available in Sydney, Singapore, Auckland, Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York. Check out schedule, contents and registration details at Program.

If you are keen to have this workshop presented in your country, please email info@acast.me.

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New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia.