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Who are the Adam Kadmon?

In November last year, when I was asked by Spirit to organise the Making of the New Adam Kadmon workshop, the Elohim explained:

Within the many kingdoms of God, the angelic realm is designated with the divine purpose of bridging inter-dimensional worlds. They serve as God’s messengers and intermediaries with the unique gift of upholding the inter-connectedness of all universes, galaxies and life systems. The angels are genetically coded with the 72 divine names of God corresponding to the 72 dimensions leading to the God-Head, enabling them to connect and transverse all worlds and dimensions.

As I continue to study the Keys of Enoch to prepare myself energetically to deliver this workshop, I was guided to the following definitions which correspond to the Elohim’s transmission:

“Adam Kadmon – The Light manifestation of Paradise Sons and Lords of Light who have evolved (or been created) beyond body form as Man knows it. The Light body that has the ability to take on any form necessary to create and teach all manner of thinking creation, including super-species, creations which exist as energy entities. The Adam Kadmon bestowed upon the Light Body becomes an extension of YHWY.” 

“YHWY – One of the 72 sacred names of the Infinite Mind, each having its own Father Universe and celestial Hierarchy.”

What made up the genetic code of the Adam Kadmon ?

The Elohim also transmitted:

This powerful workshop is intended to activate the genetic code, soul memories and abilities of our Earth Angels – the descendants of Adam Kadmon race – whose mission is to assist in birthing a heavenly Earth of Love, Peace and Oneness.

To my amazement and excitement, by reading Key 2-0-2 (of Keys of Enoch), I now have a better understanding of the genetic attribute of Adam Kadmon and the recoding work intended for this workshop.

Para 67. The corpus design flows from the divine ‘letters’ emitting base frequencies which are shaped into 72 pentagons in a sphere (corresponding to the 72 Divine Names of the Father) forming a platform for the dihedral model of angles plus five tetrahedrons which control the transfer mechanisms of biological energy.

Para 68. This formation allows for ‘the spinning DNA-RNA Light grid’ to code for numerous amino acids from the many helical combinations that are possible.

Para 69. This Light grid represents a given biological code which can be used in multiple spectrums of space to create different mammalian experiments operating within various light dimensions [Ann’s note: referring to the genetic attribute of Adam Kadmon as being able to transverse all worlds and dimensions]. However, in the genetic coding of a specie, the space occupation must match the electromagnetic index into which it is moving [Ann’s note: refers to energy work from Archangel Metatron for activating genetic code of Adam Kadmon and harmonising it with Earth’s 5th dimensional magnetosphere].

Workshop Program and Registration Details: Available at Workshop Details.

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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