When preparing for the recent New Moon Master Teaching Class, I wondered if Spirit has chosen to name the session ‘The Initiation’ because the participants would be initiated to some sort of sacred order or lineage. I was amused and awed at the same time when Spirit responded, “Not necessarily so, since Life itself is an initiatory process”.

Yesterday, I recalled reading the same message in The Hathor Material – Messages from An Ascended Civilisation, Chapter 9:

“…You, as a human being, experience that friction as an increase of pressure through your emotional or feeling nature, so that as events intensify, your feelings also intensify in the present moment. The point around which these feelings intensify is your fulcrum point. This is the initiatory portal. This is the doorway to your soul’s accelerated evolution and ascended awareness. 

…The initiatory process is essentially strewn with difficulties, tests and trials. For this is how the soul grows. Mastery over a particular level or domain of the self brings mastery to the soul.”

I first connected with The Hathors in 2008 through this wonderful book channeled by Tom Kenyon, a multi-talented spiritual teacher. Until now, The Hathor Material remains one of my favourite reads.

The Hathors beings, whom I love and respect greatly as my guides, describe themselves as:

“…We are an ascended civilisation – a group of beings existing in a specific vibratory field. Like you, we are part of the Mystery, part of the love that holds, and binds all the universes together.”

Wishing you an expansive and lovely connection with the Hathors, Amara Tia Ann.

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