When I was addressing queries regarding the types of crystals suitable for this healing course, Isis shared that during ancient Atlantis, advanced crystal technology was used by priests, healers and shamans, including the following techniques :

i) coding a crystal to hold several programs at one time to enable the healer to store and access a wide range of vibrational patterns for treating different symptoms and energy imbalances; and

ii) duplicating or transferring healing programs among crystals.

She also revealed that many of the Atlantean healers were seeded in the Sirius star system. One of the objectives of the Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course© (Revised Version) is to stimulate remembrance of our Atlantean healing gifts by receiving the initiations from Isis and the Sirian High Council. As a start, the crystal programming techniques highlighted above will be taught during the course.

For course contents and registration details, go to Program. A few seats are still available for booking, please register early.

Offline and Remote Participation

As this course involves ‘live’ initiations and hands-on practices, Andy and I are reviewing the feasibility of making it available through “streaming”, videos or other broadcasting methods for subsequent classes, and will the make the necessary announcements once we are ready.

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.