In the last six months or so, I was mainly conducting energy intensive workshops where extensive Light Language activation work was performed on the participants. So I was a little puzzled when Isis requested that I facilitate a healing course again, after a break of several months from conducting such training courses. Here is her explanation:

“As the name implies, the value of an energy activation lies in igniting a certain higher potential that is innate in the star-human genetic composition. In order that this higher potential or expanded consciousness be fully realised in the world of physicality and thus becomes one of his natural qualities, the being must cultivate a stable energy field of resonating frequency that supports the continuous expansion and physical expression of the potential. Energy healing allows the being to uncover, accept and transform his hidden fears, layer by layer, from the memories stored in his outer garment of light to the inner core of his soul vibration. It is through this gradual ‘peeling off’ of psychic debris from his different energy bodies that the being regains inner balance and stability as a growing Light, in addition to mastering the virtue of self-compassion.”

Isis also directed me to a related teaching from the Hathors:

The higher you go in consciousness the deeper you must delve to remain in balance. If you go too high in consciousness without balancing your hidden depths, including your own consciousness, then you are unbalanced and potentially dangerous. Why? Because then you are acting without awareness of the crucial parts of yourself that are in your own underworld – those aspects that are not evolved, such as your anger, your hatred, your jealousy, your rage, your fantasies, even your death wishes.  These things that you try to keep out of awareness are part of your human nature, and your task as a human being is to integrate and to heal all levels of your experience in this dimension.

The Hathor Material, by Tom Kenyon”

I now have a fuller understanding and appreciation of my current work portfolio  – a combination of energy intensive, highly transformational work (As Above: The Making of the Adam Kadmon Workshop) and programs for grounding and stabilising our inner expansion (So Below: Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course).

Thank you, Isis, for your loving guidance, nurturing and support.

Blessed Be, Amara Tia Ann.

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