While performing distant healing for a friend who often complains of fatigue and lethargy, I was guided to a more efficient way of magnetising and transmitting Earth’s kundalini energy to our physical body for a speedier rejuvenation and regeneration. This method, which makes use of what my healing guide Isis (a Galactic-Sirian being) calls the Silver Induction Plate, seemed to have work well for my friend. Perhaps you’ll like to give it a try and share your experience and feedback. Thank you!

silver induction plate

The Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra is an energy vortex residing in the human 5th dimensional (5D) energy field, located about six inches beneath our feet and along our central column of light  (see diagram above). It emits a brown vibration.

The Earth Star Chakra serves as the grounding cord of our multi-dimensional light body. As Earth and ourselves progress deeper into the 5D, we will be running more and more star energies through our new crystalline body which can cause our energy field to become increasingly “electrical”. It is therefore crucial that we GROUND ourselves and our energy in the planet’s crystalline grids through the Earth Star Chakra.

This transpersonal 5D chakra also connects us with the core of Mother Earth where her Kundalini power can be found.

The Silver Induction Plate

Isis showed me the existence of a silvery energy grid that lies about three inches below our feet i.e. half-way between the Earth Star Chakra and our feet. It is elliptical in shape and is as wide as the shoulders.  Its purpose is to increase the magnetism between our body and Earth’s core, such that the extremely vitalising Kundalini of the Earth can be more easily funneled through our Earth Star Chakra  for a more efficient distribution and retention by our energy field.

Healing Technique

Have your awareness on the Earth Star Chakra. As you inhale deeply, visualise or sense an upsurge of Earth’s Kundalini from the center of her body landing onto your Earth Star Chakra, then slowly dispersing itself to form a silvery energy plate about three inches below your feet. In a few moments, start to feel your body being energised and revitalised as Earth’s life force in its purest form begins to spread through your body.

My opinion: I would think this technique is most effective if the Earth Star Chakra of the 5D Light Body has been activated sufficiently or the healee has a specially deep connection with Earth.

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Blessed Be, Amara Tia Ann.

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