AK Logo GeneralThe inauguration of the Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshop was completed in Sydney yesterday, on the New Moon of Aquarius. Overshadowed by the Elohim, Archangel Metatron and six other Archangels, several new teachings and insights were transmitted to help us understand and appreciate our origin and role as Earth Angels or the Adam Kadmon race. To empower us to utilise our angelic gifts effectively, a powerful Light Body reconfiguration was also gifted to the group. One of the ‘guest teachers’, Goddess Isis, spoke about the relationship between DNA Recoding and the Adam Kadmon Light Body Reconfiguration which I found particularly useful. To listen to the live recording of Isis’ teaching, click Audio Recording – Isis Teaching

I have thoroughly enjoyed facilitating this first workshop; I am looking forward to learning more about the Adam Kadmon lineage and its contribution in materialising a 5th dimensional Earth at the subsequent runs in Singapore (March), Auckland (March Equinox), Shanghai (April) and Hong Kong (May). Details for these are available HERE


Photo above – Angels Crystals altar designed and set up by Katrece Quigley for the Adam Kadmon Workshop in Sydney. To contact Katrece or learn more about her customized crystal jewellery designs, visit www.bridgeroflight.com or email quiley@bigpond.com

May you be blessed with many exciting new beginnings on this New Moon!

Amara Tia Ann