Dendera Temple

(Photo Above: Hator Temple in Dendera, Egypt, November 2008)

Goddess Hator is a feminine energy much worshiped in ancient Egypt as the deity of love, joy, pleasure, sensuality and sexuality. In almost every temple found in Egypt, there would be a shrine or chapel dedicated to Goddess Hator. I believe Goddess Hator is an archetypal energy representing the enlightened star beings known to us as the Hathors of the 4th dimensional reality.

On this special day celebrating all expressions of Love on Earth, Goddess Hator transmitted the following teachings on Twin Flames:

  • Twin flames were created by Source as expressions of duality held and honoured in total balance
  • The first twin flames came about when Source split itself into two seemingly contrasting or opposite halves, namely the Alpha (masculine aspect) and Omega (feminine), however with each retaining the blueprint of the other
  • As universes, galaxies and stars began to be created from Source energy, all life forms were seeded with the same Alpha-Omega pattern with themselves
  • For beings who chose to descend to Earth to experience a denser reality, their Alpha and Omega aspects slowly began to lose the balance and harmony between each other due to the extreme polarities on third dimensional Earth
  • As these beings continue to incarnate on Earth, they became totally entrained in Earth’s polarity, leading to what they perceived as unloving human experiences and expressions which reflected the internal imbalance in their Alpha/Omega constitution
  • Earth beings reincarnated life time after life time, hoping to find and restore the natural balance and harmony which was their birth right. Since this is a world of form, many of these beings however looked outside themselves for the cure. They looked for relationships which they hope will contain the magic potion of restoring inner peace and love in themselves
  • Reuniting with your twin flame essentially means reclaiming, embracing and re-integrating the Alpha or the Omega which you have subconsciously forgotten or forsaken 
  • It is with such an internal harmonization of the two aspects of your God-Self that  you will find a true twin flame relationship in and of form

– I  am Goddess Hator

 Healing Meditation Recommended by Amara Tia:

  • Visualise yourself seated or standing under the Zodiac Disk connecting you to the heart of the Universe where all mental concepts and notions of duality are neutralised (see photo below) 
  • Breathe in deeply a pure white light from the center of the Zodiac Disk and let it enter your body through your crown chakra
  • Visualise this light transforming itself into a spiraling waves, moving across the right and left side of your head and body evenly, harmonising your masculine and feminine aspects
  • Repeat the deep inhalation and visualisation as many times as it is needed to bring about a sense of complete harmonisation of your ego (Lower-Self imprinted with the memory of unhealed polarity) and your God-Self (of Oneness, Love and Peace).

Zodiac Disk

(Photo above:  Zodiac Disk on the ceiling of the Nuit Chapel, inside the Dendera Hator Temple)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all ACAST friends!  Much love from Amara Tia Ann and Andy.

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