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I know of a few friends whose bodies are super sensitive to energies that they are much inconvenienced as a result. One of them carries an energy template which matches exactly with Earth’s etheric body which means she experiences the earthquakes, volcanic disruptions and floods through her body before these events actually occur on Earth. Another hears loud ringing tones in and outside her ears for long periods of time whenever an important planetary energy shift is about to take place. Needless to say, the lives of these two friends are disrupted to a large extent due to these uncomfortable bodily reactions. What I found interesting is the different beliefs and attitudes these two friends display regarding their physical ‘suffering’. The former is determined to use her free will to amend her soul contract to stop this prolong inconvenience to the body even if her soul may have previously signed-up for such earthly experiences. As for the latter, she currently has the mindset that if her soul has chosen to anchor the high frequency on Earth in such a physically-intensive manner, she will accept and continue to honor the obligation. Their differing views arouse much curiosity in me and this is how I started a Q&A session with Goddess Isis this morning.

Me: Dear Isis, I have several questions relating to soul contract, free will and their relationship. Can I consult you ?

Isis: I have walked the Earth, like you do. Its my pleasure to offer my perspectives as a human incarnate and a light being.

Me: As is commonly understood, a contract is a voluntary and binding agreement between two or more parties. In the case of a soul contract, who are the parties involved?

Isis: They are typically the members of a soul group and but sometimes, a soul contract can involve the direct input or agreement by other soul groups.

Me: In the course of deliberating and planning out a soul contract, does free will come into the picture?

Isis: Certainly! This is why a contract entails voluntary decisions, as opposed to unsolicited impositions. For soul contracts involving incarnations in the Earth realm, they are held sacred and protected by the Ascended Master assigned to the soul group once the plan is agreed upon by its all members.

Me: Do the incarnates remember their soul contract after they come into embodiment?

Isis: Typically, no. The quality of the soul as well as the learning the soul has contracted to experience through his incarnation are coded onto his etheric blueprint upon his physical birth. As the soul journeys along his earth life, these energy patterns unfold naturally to become his personality preferences, thinking and behavioural tenderies and his earth lessons. With his soul contract unfolding naturally layer by layer, it is therefore not necessary for the incarnate to remember or have conscious awareness of his soul contract.

Me: If an incarnate becomes aware of his soul contract and he believes it to be true, but now has the desire to amend or overwrite it with his free will, can he do so ?

Isis: When an incarnate begins to feel compelled to remember or seek out information about his soul contract, such an impulse itself signify that he is no longer energetically bound by his soul contract. He has matured spiritually to a stage where the energy patterns that were preset in him have already been experienced and learned sufficiently. For him to begin a new journey of self-mastery, the element of free will will become more prominent in shaping and creating his new experiences.

Me: With the Earth’s transition to the fifth dimension which I believe will bring about an exponential expansion of the human consciousness, will more incarnates be triggered to become aware of and if they wish, ‘review’ their soul contracts ?

Isis: Definitely.  For incarnates who are spiritually unaware but energetically ready, such reviews and re-considerations will be performed in an unconscious manner but be much guided by his soul.

Me: Much thanks, Isis, for this enlightening session. I have many more questions on this subject but I am happy to digest all that you have said so far and seek your counsel on another occasion.

Isis: My pleasure.

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