You yelled excitedly, ‘Ah Ha! So things are not always what they seem!’

Each time you experience such an Ah Ha moment, it’s a revelation that you have delved deeper into your spirituality and come to experience a deeper and more expanded part of yourself as the Infinite Intelligence.

I have one of these magical experiences just this morning.

Master Teaching Class (Singapore) – Reviving Atlantis Crystal Healing 25 Feb 2013

When I was asked to organise this session, I have the idea that the guides’ main purpose is to teach the Atlantean approach of rebalancing the chakra system and releasing associated physical symptoms to bring about improved health.

When I was guided to study the Keys of Enoch Key 1-1-6  this morning, I realised beneath and supporting the intended chakra rebalancing work is a profound healing program which the Great White Brotherhood will bring forth at tomorrow’s full moon event.

Keys of Enoch 1-1-6

Para 14. There are seven basic colours for each chakra of the human intelligence. These can be coordinated by the Great White Brotherhood to merge with myriad of colours to aid the body for spiritual evolvement. For example, the colour of “reddish lavendar” is used as a holding force of patience which prepares the eyes to see the stages of enlightened spiritual education.

Para 15. This education of the soul takes place through energy fields established by colours and separated by threshold colours of enlightenment for each phase of evolution.

Para 16. From a continual succession of colours with all of their intermediate degrees, a “Garment of colour” emerges from the seventy-two emanations of the divine Names, the derekh ha-shemoth, as the quintessence of “divine grace” bestowed on the human kingdom.

Para 17. The Great White Brotherhood is the Hierarchy of power which has as part of its authority the colour coding of the lower heavens. It uses these colour radiations to evolve living membrane to the point where the Living Light can establish itself on the physical plane, do the work required in the physical form, and return again to the Divine Light.

Glossary : Great White Brotherhood – The Seventy Orders/Brotherhoods as a field of intelligence serving the Father.


In addition to the original agenda for tomorrow’s session, Thoth and Lady Nada from the Order of the Atlantis Priesthood – a branch of the Great White Brotherhood – will transmit the healing program supporting us into the next phase of our evolution (para 14 and 15 above).

Seats are still available. Please email: for registration.

If you are not able to attend in person, just set an intent for your merkaba to join with the group merkabah between 7:45 to 9:00pm Singapore Time, 25th Feb.

Audio recording of the live session will be made available. Look out for announcement on ACAST blog.


1. Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshop

The Seventy-Two divine Names (para 16 above) is one of the important teachings and activations in this workshop. Go to Workshop for full program and schedule, if you are curious to find out more.

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May you have a brilliant and radiant connection with the Full Moon.

Blessings, Amara Tia.

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