(Photo Above: Lake Ohau, New Zealand – Third Eye Chakra of 5D Earth. Photo taken by Donna Falconer www.alchemyforthesoul.com. Go to Lake Ohau for more pictures).

As I was leading the Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshop in Sydney, the guides revealed the Earth Angels are coming together to construct what is known as the Grid of the Awakened Angels, an energy bridge that will help many many others rise to a higher consciousness in a stabilised and harmonious way. This energy grid is in fact the Phoenix Grid which the Ascended Masters have initiated or seeded over the third eye of the fifth dimensional body of Earth, located at Lake Ohau of New Zealand. Unlike in previous evolutionary cycles where important grid lines such as the Christ Consciousness Grid and Buddhic Consciousness Grid were laid by the Great White Brotherhood, we, as Masters-to-be, are being given an opportunity to complete the Phoenix Grid as a gift to mankind through our own mastery of Self Love.

I am also told countless number of ‘Eyes of Horus’ will descend from the etheric pyramid built over Lake Ohau on this very full moon (Full Moon exact time: 25 February, GMT 20:26). This symbol represents the rising sun in the awakened ones, meaning the emergence of the higher heart of universal love.

At last night’s Master Teaching Class, the guides also explained the possible physical challenges experienced during this full moon in relation to Lake Ohau activation. Click Phoenix Grid to listen to this recording.

Recordings of the entire event will be released soon.

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.
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