Besides transmitting teachings on the lineage of the Atlantis Priesthood and the energetics of clear quartz crystal, Thoth and Lady Nada led us through an interesting and educational demonstration on understanding the fundamental belief systems giving rise to diseases and illnesses including colon cancer, diabetes, gastric, heart attack, throat cancer and stroke. They also provided recommendations on the appropriate crystals to use for rebalancing and releasing these discordant vibrations from the affected parts of the body (see photo below for the crystals used during the demonstration). 


The session ended with the Great White Brotherhood gifting the group with a Higher Rays Activation which will accelerate the unfoldment of the inner qualities of our chakras and enhance the harmonisation of the entire chakra system (Ref: Post of 24 Feb 2013, Chakra Meditation with the Great White Brotherhood).

For full program, go to MTC 25 Feb 2013.

Audio Recording Contents

Track 1: Invocation of Guides (5 Min)

Track 2: Memory of Atlantis Priesthood – Teachings and Activation (15 Min)

Track 3: Clear Quartz Crystal in Temple of Poseidon (7 Min)

Track 4: The Human Crystalline Matrix (6 Min)

Track 5: Healing Demo – Heart Chakra, Heart Attack Thought Form (9 Min)

Track 6: Healing Demo – Solar Plexus, Gastric Thought Form (5 Min)

Track 7: Healing Demo- Root Chakra, Colon Cancer Thought Form (5 Min)

Track 8: Healing Demo – Sacral Chakra, Diabetes Thought Form (5 Min)

Track 9: Healing Demo – Throat Chakra, Throat Cancer Thought Form (4 Min)

Track 10: Healing Demo – Third Eye and Crown Chakra, Stroke (3 Min)

Track 11: Higher Rays Activation (4 Min)

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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