This morning, I have a conversation with Cosmic Master Thoth to clarify a couple of points relating to the healing demonstration he led at Monday’s Master Teaching Class, “Reviving Atlantis Crystal Healing”. Thoth’s insights may interest you.

Me: Dear Thoth, during the healing demo, you had asked for the volunteer (proxy) to imagine and feel that certain diseases and illnesses existing in his body, so I could tune-in to the vibrational patterns of these imagined symptoms to understand the underlying  mental attitudes. Can anybody serve as a proxy?

Thoth: The proxy should have a fairly clear energy field and is sensitive to vibrations including imprinted words, mental images or sensations. Someone who engages in energy work frequently or has a close affinity with crystals would be a suitable proxy, provided he is able to relate to these physical symptoms at a general level.

(Note: Brian, who was our volunteer that evening, meets these conditions).

Me: Why is it that by having the proxy think, visualise and feel the physical symptoms in his body, we are able to discover the fundamental originating thought patterns?

Thoth: The human mind does not always make a distinction between an imagination and a real experience, especially if the fantasy is re-created in the mind repeatedly. When the proxy creates an imaginary of the physical disease in his body and energise it through his feelings, his mental body connects with the collective subconscious mind carrying the memory patterns of these diseases. Using the proxy’s mental state at that moment as the bridge, the channel is then able to read into and interpret the collective vibrational thought forms manifesting the diseases. As explained, the suitability of the proxy is key in determining the authencity of the information so channeled.

Thank you, Thoth for your insights.

Audio Recording of Master Teaching Class

Recording of the healing demonstration and teachings by Thoth and Lady Nada are available for purchase. Read post of 26 Feb 2013. 

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“The Transformation of Self-limiting Thought Forms and Beliefs”                                                                                                             – A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon 

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I particularly like Tom Kenyon’s elaboration that ‘The Hathors view thought forms and beliefs as separate categories. Thought forms are concepts regarding reality, and when a culture accepts a thought form as true, it becomes a consensus reality—whether or not the thought form is accurate or not. When an individual incorporates a thought form into his or her personal view of reality, the thought form becomes a belief.”

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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