In performing my role as their channel, I often use the Language of Light as a medium to  transmit frequencies and knowledge from the Elohim and star civilisations of a higher order. I had very little idea how the Language of Light actually works until I came across the following explanations (especially the third definition) from The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® –

1. Instant communication with the Infinite Mind using ideographic and pictographic cybernetics. It is used by “Elohim” in conjunction with the Nartoomid “Eternal Light” to create primordial aeons and “Mansion world regions” of growth. It is the parent language of a Deity used in an overall plan or design to outline a procedure,to code knowledge into crystal, etc.

2. The Language of Light as a vehicle enables the Lords of Light to reach many planetary worlds and reality levels simultaneously and fuse the different languages into the same scenario abstract. This allows man to have communion with other planets of intelligence through super-holographic processes.

3. As God’s word. The knowledge of this language comes from a core memory of information being shared by the higher spiritual levels of existence. It allows man to read the “records of the mysteries” in the higher heavens.

Keys of Enoch® as the energetic backbone for Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshops (March to June 2013) – read post of 10 Jan 2013. Teachings from the Elohim and the Archangels will be transmitted through the Language of Light and translated as necessary.


New York, June 2013 – I am guided to bring this workshop to New York on the full moon of June 22nd and 23rd and host a special Summer Solstice meditation workshop on June 21st. Registration details will be released soon.

Exploring Language of Light With Judy Satori –

The topic of Judy’s Sunday workshop at the New Life Expo in New York City on the 24th of March will be Speaking the Language of Light. More information available at

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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