On this New Moon in Pisces, if you have woken up with a mega headache, you may be experiencing a further expansion of your Third Eye, catalysing the awakening of what the guides call the Buddhic Heart (also known as the High Heart Chakra) of your 5D Body. I am also told in the 10 days following today’s New Moon, the planetary vibration will continue to rise till it peaks on Equinox of 20-21 March 2013 to align our Buddhic Heart with Earth’s 5D Heart Center. Also read post of 3 March, Be An Agent of Cosmic Love.

If the headache persists, I suggest placing the right hand on your Buddhic Heart (thymus area) and left hand on your Third Eye (forehead) and breathe deeply between these two points to balance the flow of ‘chi’ or prana between them.

Balancing Soul Wisdom with Universal Love – Theme of Equinox

The expansion of our Third Eye unlocks the wisdom in our akashic records so we may become a powerful creator of our 5D realities (Law of Free Will). To ensure that the vibration of Oneness is instilled in all 5D creations, the Buddhic Heart which remembers Universal Love has to be awakened simultaneously (Law of One). This Mind-Heart alignment corresponds to the theme of the coming Equinox (of equal day and night).


Interestingly, at the weekend’s Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshop held in Singapore (photo above), Spirit explained the Law of One in a starkingly simple manner and that how it is always held in balance with the Law of Free Will. Listen to live recording: Law of One (3 minutes).

Auckland Workshop over Equinox 20-21 March 2013

Spirit also shared how these two Universal Laws are upheld by the Lemurian Starseeds and the Adam Kadmon Earth Angels as a Dual-Key Control. Many more profound insights were delivered for each topic included in the Program.

My experience facilitating the same workshop at different countries has been most fascinating. The communion of different energies (Light Workers) at different power spots brings about a different but equally enriching learning experience for all. If you feel the calling to join us in Auckland, please go to Auckland Workshop for registration details.

May this New Moon greets you with Love and Light of a higher order. Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.