Read related post 11 March 2013, Buddhic Heart Awakening – New Moon 11 March through Equinox 20 March 2013.

During this pre-Equinox period when our Buddhic Heart (also known as High Heart Chakra) is being activated rapidly to remember and Be the universal consciousness of Love and Oneness, I am asked by Isis to share the following healing method utilising the Buddhic Heart Chakra. Visualise this higher chakra on our 5D Light Body emitting a soft turquoise colour as you connect with it.

Excerpted from Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course

Clearing Discordant Ancestral Energy from High Heart Chakra on behalf of someone related to us, either as a biological or soul family member :-

Regardless of the forms of the lower vibrations you wish to clear, give intent for them to gather, consolidate and centered at the High Heart Chakra, followed by clearing the energy using crystal or hand, seeing that you are extracting streaks of energy out from a ball of light which appears as dull in colour, and ground them to the earth for transmutation. This is the process itself. Prior to that, visualize yourself as the healer in conversation with soul concerned, as represented by his Higher Self. Inform the other party of your intent to perform this clearing on his behalf and get a telepathic response in return. If you feel resistance from the other party, do not force or impose your will onto the person. It indicates there are further lessons for this person and therefore he is to carry energy for longer period. If agreement is given to you to uplift this energy on his behalf, then see yourself transforming into the image of his higher self, so you could start to gather the relevant energy for clearing. At the end of the process, when all energy are cleared and grounded properly, see yourself stepping out from that image of third party, that is do a severance between yourself and the soul concerned. Know that you are serving only as an instrument, vessel or middle person, followed by asking Isis to do a full clearing and rebalancing of your energy field to make sure that there is a residual energy in your aura which you still carry for someone else. Pay attention to the changes in the behavioural patterns of this person either towards you or other people. This will be a confirmation of the work you have delivered on behalf of this person – Channeled teaching 27 Aug 09

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‘Tu Lah Ya Lieh, Ku Ti Ya Say, Om Malaway’

(Interpretation: Rise! Children of the Sun!)

– transmitted by Ra, Sun God for Isis Sirius Alchemy Course, 2009

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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