For event details, go to: Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshop, NYC 22-23 June or Solstice Meditation ‘The Return of the Dove’, NYC 21 June.


Since the beginning of this year, I was told by Spirit that the Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshop I am to facilitate will complete in June and in North America. I didn’t see the divine order and divine timing underlying this instruction until I studied the following transmissions of the Keys of Enoch this morning and began to see the perfect synchroncity in the work I’ve guided to do and the messages I channeled in recent weeks.  

Key 1-0-5

Para 36. For example, the Higher Intelligence is coming into the ocean through the pyramid-five energy configuration of the Bermuda Triangle and is making use of the ocean shelf which is there from the previous Atlantean Age, preparing America to become the New Atlantis.

Para 37. These previous Atlantean fields of crystalline energy are being reactivated as centers of energy focus on the planet which will be used once the Earth’s inner core of neutral matter has been heaved up.

Para 38. New Atlantean centers will be activated from the Bermuda Triangle, the Great Salt Sea, and JerUSAlem-Hebron which are already known as “Pyramid areas” by the Higher Evolution.

Para 39. These areas will be used by the Jerusalem Command from Orion to open the chambers of the Earth and provide for the shifting of consciousness to the Americas – the next Home of the Dove, as the Father’s program shifts from the Middle East to the Middle West.

Ah Ha! Joining the dots and making sense of the Divine Plan

1. Full Moon 25th February – The Master Teaching Class ‘Reviving Atlantis Crystal Technology’ was to prepare us to serve as activators of these previous Atlantean fields of crystalline energyListen to Light Language transmission gifted by Lady Nada Mapping Light Body to Atlantis Quartz Crystal. (recording of entire event available, click HERE for order details).

2. Cosmic Love Day 3rd March – Activation of the heart chakra of 5th dimensional Earth at JerUSAalem begins the process of the Jerusalem Command from Orion to open the chambers of the Earth and provide for the shifting of consciousness to the Americas – the next Home of the Dove. (Read Post ‘Be An Agent of Cosmic Love’)

Interpretation: Jerusalem Command from Orion refers to Orion Mintaka where the Elohims dwell. The Jerusalem Command Center ‘up there’ is mirrored onto Earth’s heart center in the Jerusalem ‘down here’. As Above, So Below.

3. New Moon 11 March – Activation of High Heart Chakra in our 5D body and alignment with Earth’s Heart Chakra brings about the same shifting and expansion of consciousness in ourselves. Read post Buddhic Heart Awakening – New Moon 11 March through Equinox 20 March 2013).


1. Making of the New Adam Kadmon culminating in New York on Full Moon, 22nd-23rd June

Commissioned by the Elohim and Archangel Metatron, this program is about awakening our Adam Kadmon Earth Angels who are here to support the harmonisation and stabilisation of New Earth vibration. I am also told by Spirit the akashic of Golden Atlantis can be harnassed to achieve this same intent. This is the reason for completing the New Adam Kadmon workshop series in North America to reactivate the Atlantean crystalline grids running through the country and the nearby Bermuda Triangle.

Go to New York Workshop for registration details.

Workshop also available in Auckland (20-21 March Equinox) and Hong Kong (25-26 May Vesak Full Moon).

2. Special Solstice Meditation “The Return of the Dove” – New York, 21st June

For the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight. Against the backdrop of a day filled with light, the Solstice season presents us with a golden window for actualising the 5D qualities of Peace and Oneness on New Earth through the ancient Atlantean crystalline grid.  The special meditation workshop “The Return of the Dove” has thus been commissioned by Spirit and will be hosted by the patrons of America, Ascended Masters Lady Portia and Lord St Germain – to prepare America to be the next Atlantis, the new home of the Dove.

The program includes transmission of messages and energy codings from Jerusalem Command from Orion. Go to NY Solstice for details.


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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