At the Making of the New Adam Kadmon workshop in Auckland (a special Equinox celebration), Spirit explained what it means to be a greater light in the world of form. Click Becoming Light to listen to live recording.

Other equally interesting and important teachings included:

Words of Appreciation

Andy and I are most thankful to Annette Hanham for co-organising this wonderful workshop and to all the Earth Angels who have, in receiving the energy gift of the New Adam Kadmon Light Body Reconfiguration, contributed to completing the Grid of the Awakened Angels – enabling the stablisation and harmonisation of the 5th dimensional consciousness on New Earth.

Check out the Hong Kong and New York workshops if you resonate with the intent of this work. Private sessions at these countries are also available. Email your enquiries/registrations to:

  • Shanghai Private Sessions 29 & 30 April – Mary Ho at thelittlegreendoor@gmail.com
  • Hong Kong 27 May – Jenny Kam at info@karma-consultants.com
  • New York 24 June – Andy at andy@acast.me

Much Love, Amara Tia Ann.

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