I was feeling unusually restless and agitated throughout the day. I tried doing all sorts of things, including meditation, grocery shopping, swimming and snacking to offload and release the excess energy but to no avail. I finally felt more settled by this evening when I managed to decode the superscripts from Orion (World of the Elohim) which apparently have been downloaded onto my Light Body throughout the day, indirectly causing the nervous tension in me.

Interpretation of energy transmission:

  1. Jerusalem of Israel carries the heart chakra of 5th dimensional (5D) Earth.
  2. Surrounding and beneath the Old City of Jerusalem are energy portals and ley lines which when activated, will release and disseminate energy codes throughout Earth’s body for reprogramming the human mind to communicate directly and interpret transmissions (higher wisdom) from the Elohim, so the spiritually-awakened humans can become powerful creators themselves, like the Elohim (creator aspect of God). This is in fact an important aspect of 5D living and being – the ability to link one’s mind with the Mind of God.
  3. These energy portals are located within each of the four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. The outline of the Old City and its four quarters is mirrored onto the Human Heart which has a similar shape and also four chambers (As Within, So Without). See picture below.
  4. As a microcosm of Earth’s body operating with a holographic universe, the human heart therefore serves as linkage or bridge to the portals of Old City of Jerusalem, Heart of New 5D Earth.
  5. During the next three days from Good Friday through Easter Sunday, co-ordinated through the Jerusalem Command of Orion, the Elohim will transmit superhelixes of Light of supremely high Love quotient and beam them onto Earth
  6. This Light and Love of Higher Order is the key for activating the portals in Old City of Jerusalem. Read point 2 above.
  7. If you feel the calling, connect with Orion through your heart during this period, and know that you are contributing to the portal activation of Jerusalem, as much as facilitating the expansion of your 5D heart chakra. Inhale, feel and anchor the Love blessing from Orion.

Heart of JerusalemUseful reference re-produced below. Full message available at Post of 17 March 2013.

Keys of Enoch No. 1-0-5 Para 39. These areas will be used by the Jerusalem Command from Orion to open the chambers of the Earth and provide for the shifting of consciousness to the Americas – the next Home of the Dove, as the Father’s program shifts from the Middle East to the Middle West.

Interpretation by Amara Tia: Jerusalem Command from Orion refers to Orion Mintaka where the Elohims dwell. The Jerusalem Command Center ‘up there’ is mirrored onto Earth’s heart center in the Jerusalem ‘down here’. As Above, So Below.

May you be ONE with the Creator in you. Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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