In recent months, I came across several people complaining about certain physical symptoms which have become severely stressful to them. I thought it might be a good idea to consult the healing angel Raphael for some advice on the possible reasons and rebalancing measures to counteract these ascension effects.

Here was what I gathered through the remote consultation.

1. Ear Ringing

Usual cause: Higher faculties in the brain which have remain dormant until now are being activated by incoming Galactic impulses, triggering a rewiring of the brain to allow us to eventually interpret and translate these star messages into Earth languages. This is one of the processes for connecting our mind with the higher intelligence of the galaxy and its constituent civilisations.

Re-balancing Measures: If these high frequency sounds are disrupting your hearing or sense of balance or gives rise to frequent headaches, use your mind to channel or redirect them to your feet for grounding into the Earth. Lying on Earth – grass, soil, sand – is another good way of disseminating these sounds from the stars throughout your body and sharing them with Earth. Placing ruby, garnet or any red stone or crystal at the back of your neck and breathing deeply down your spine will also help in gathering these sounds onto a central place (occipital region) and channeling them down your chakra column

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2. Neck and Shoulder Ache

Usual Causes: (1) On a metaphysical level, these recurring aches are manifestations of strong emotions attached to unresolved issues judged by the mind as ‘a pain in the neck’. (2) As an ascension symptom, they are caused by the activation of one of the higher chakras of the 5th dimensional human body, known as zeal point, occipital medulla or ascension chakra located at the back of the neck.

Rebalancing Measures: (1) If required, in a meditative state, ask to identify the underlying mental and emotional issue which is needing to be understood, accepted and let go. Alternatively, use the healing technique taught by Lady Nada ‘Understanding and Healing Emotional Pain’ 1 Nov 2012 : click audio recording Lady Nada Teaching).

(2) Any kind of body work involving deep breathing will be useful to release the energy congestion along the neck and shoulders, such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, qi gong etc; also deliberating breathing in light through the crown chakra and breathing it out through the neck and shoulder area.

3. Bloatedness of Stomach and Lower Abdomen

Usual Cause: The solar plexus sweeping up the emotions of your surroundings without your conscious awareness, causing the stomach and digestive organs to feel and believe that they are overwhelmed with indigestible emotions. The person is also likely to be stronger in his water element, compared to his fire, earth and air aspects.

Rebalancing Measures: (1) Practise energy protection over the solar plexus, for example, by overlaying it with a violet vibration; (2) take regular salt baths and gently massage stomach and surrounding areas to release emotional debris; (3) apply Lady Nada’s healing technique quoted under Point 2 Neck and Shoulder Ache; (4) if you belong to the water sign of the western zodiac or are generally drawn to water, try to stay away from lakes, rivers, oceans etc on or nearing full moon phases. 

Thank you, Archangel Raphael for these great insights.

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Namaste! Amara Tia Ann.

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