At a spiritual talk I attended last night, I learnt pure intention leads to pure actions which then lead to pure experiences.

What then is pure intention?

Even though a certain definition was suggested by the speaker, I feel it would be more empowering if we find and apply our personal interpretation of pure intention. Examples of a pure intention can include

  • being aligned with the higher truths and purpose of your existence 
  • mastery of a particular virtue 
  • fully experiencing a particular aspect of physical living, such as having perfect health, fulfilling relationships or enjoyment of wealth


Regardless of the types of pure intentions you may set for yourself, the real benefit in intent-setting is training our mind to be focused and self-aware of its thoughts, so we can become more skilled in generating the positive and uplifting experiences we desire.

Many a time during their teachings, my guides have lovingly reminded us that whilst they can and are always willing to help release the density of our karmic memories which are essentially energy patterns seeded in the past, they will not, nor can they, replace our current thinking with theirs (universal law of free will). Therefore, the only way to maintain a body and mind that is free of new negative karma – even after we’ve been endowed with tons and tons of healing, activations and blessings – is to cultivate mindfulness. And I feel setting pure intentions, on a moment by moment basis, is one effective way towards cultivating a self-aware mind.

May your physical living be empowered through your pure intentions! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

Recommended Read. The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent : Living The Art of Allowing, by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham). 

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