This afternoon when I connected with Source in deep meditation, I was quickly overwhelmed by an indescribable sense of unconditional love which moved me to tears. I felt this force of absolute purity dissolving and lifting off all negative judgement about myself – they could have come from my ego-self (fear-based personality) or were projections from others or both. Anyhow, still in a state of total awe and humbility, I asked Source, “Do I really deserve this gift of deep cleansing and purification?”, to which Source replied, “Absolutely, because you are me.”


A couple of months ago, I attended a series of meditation classes at a Buddhist Meditation Center. The meditation teacher recommended the best way to protect the merits we have cultivated during each meditation is to dedicate them to whomever we love. Towards this end, I now wish to dedicate to you whatever positive karma I might have cultivated through my meditation with Source on this special afternoon.

‘May everyone experience the happiness of humans and gods

And quickly attain Enlightment, so that ignorance is finally extinguished’.

– A Merits Dedication Prayer

With Metta, Amara Tia Ann.

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