This morning, I asked Spirit for a New Moon message to share on my blog. But nothing came to my mind after I waited for a while in meditation. Everything for a reason. So I put my request aside and carried on with my chores.

By noon, I was in a yoga class, diligently practising the Hatha poses when an instruction from the teacher caught my attention totally. He said repeatedly, ‘forget everything you just did!“. That’s it..that is the New Moon Message from Spirit delivered in a most unexpected manner but totally appropriate for today.

The lunar energy naturally affects the human psyche which is the totality of our mind, conscious and unconscious. During New Moon, we become exceptionally receptive to new energy patterns forming in our mind, hence it is an excellent opportunity for seeding new ideas and bringing through new perspectives. This is why the New Moon appears as no-moon in the night sky – her invisibility is an externalisation of our inner state during New Moons when our creative potential is waiting to take form or to be patterned.

So yes, forget everything you did (habitually)! Open your heart and your mind to the freshness and originality the New Moon brings to us. Ask for new ideas, perspectives and higher understanding to be imprinted in your psyche…and ask for these gifts to be delivered in a most novel way, like what I experienced today.

May you have an uniquely wholesome New Moon! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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