This post was inspired by an email exchange I had with to a friend in NZ recently.

V was sharing that the word ‘pure’ keeps coming to her mind these days. When I tuned-in to her energetic body, I realised her high heart chakra (some people call it soul seat, thymus or universal heart chakra) is blossoming beautifully to allow the inner knowing that all souls are pure in their origin to become a conscious awareness. For her, this knowing is being anchored in the mental body through the repetitive thought ‘pure’. We become what we think. Her actions, including responses to the stimuli from her external world, will gradually be infiltrated with the emotion of purity. If the frequent thought and emotion of purity feels good, I suggested to V to recite the mantra ‘I Am Pure’ daily to allow this good vibe to radiate from her.

I am told by Spirit the human world is experiencing possibly the most diversified range of frequencies we are capable of interpreting and expressing, since this is the time when our collective memory of pain and suffering is being re-experienced, healed and transformed to our true potential of love. Since we are each tapping into a different point within this broad energy spectrum (by way of our dominant thinking patterns), the experiences we create for ourselves currently can therefore be vastly different, ranging from feeling life is more challenging than ever to melting into the bliss, peace and joy that are our higher qualities. For those of us who are becoming more upbeat and appreciative of our human existence, such as V, the best way we can uplift the mass consciousness is to continue to feel good about our beingness and let these good vibes penetrate and cleanse the collective mind of its unloving memories.

On this lovely Monday morning, may I suggest you search for a loving memory within you and let its healing vibrations emanate from your heart? Remember…what goes around, comes around.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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