I have always enjoyed performing healing on our star-children whom many described as the Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal Children etc. I simple call them ancient souls in young bodies. Their human vessel, meaning their body and mind, are so receptive to pure vibrations and intent that these healing sessions often yield instantaneous results for them, especially when it comes to releasing physical symptoms. The process became a lot more fun each time I invoked THE’MAGICAL spiritual beings. Of course, I am referring to the Unicorns which are loved and adored by all kids (and I believe, most adults).

Last night, I was performing healing for my 15-year old niece when a Unicorn entered our healing space. Amanda, a young indigo, had complained of extreme aches in her whole body and unusual chills and nausea. Our guest gently stuck his light-blue horn of about 30 cm long onto Amanda’s third eye and began transferring his healing vibes into her body. In less than a minute, the discomforts Amanda was feeling have vanished and they have not returned since.

This wonderful white being left behind his lovely blue horn as a gift. Amanda and I would  like to share it with all children (and adults) who may be needing some magical touch at this moment.

How to Use The Magical Healing Horn:

1. Place both hands on your heart center and ask to connect with the world of the Unicorns

2. Place your right hand over the image above (infused with the healing vibrations of our guest Unicorn); inhale the light-blue vibration and lock it in your third eye

3. Each time you need to channel this energy, visualise you are carrying a Unicorn horn that is light blue in colour and about 30 cm long. As you exhale deeply, the healing vibrations will released from your third eye to flow into the imaginary horn which serves like a healing wand.Then direct the energy from your hand to the affected area(s) in the body

4. You may attune a crystal wand using the above steps, if you prefer to work with a physical tool. Variation in step no. 2 – hold your wand in your right hand to connect with the image above.

The eyes of wonder recognizes magic everywhere. Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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