The inaugural run of the Be the Joyous Expression of Your Soul Workshop was completed in Singapore yesterday, with the participants receiving many joyous blessings from Lord Maitreya.

Cosmic Master Thoth also came through to share his fascinating insights on the significance of our birth data for uncovering our soul desires :

1. Energy is principally vibrational sound patterns which can be represented and transmitted through light, colour, geometries and symbology which includes numbers which are used extensively in and by the world of physicality for interpreting energy patterns.

2. Since our essence is vibrational sounds, our birth name (which is basically sound patterns as well) defines the key aspects of our blueprint for each incarnation, including the types of human expressions and experiences that will bring greatest joy to our soul (‘driver of our soul’s evolution’) and the ultimate tangible manifestation which will fully represent our soul potential (‘soul mission’).

3. The number energies coded in our date of birth are imprints of our past lives’ achievements and strengths which we have planned to utilize in our current life to help accomplish our soul mission.

I look forward to decoding the magic and mysteries of number energies in greater depth at our subsequent workshops. Thank you – Lord Maitreya and Thoth – for your wonderfully-LIGHT PRESENCE.

(Go to HK Workshop May 24th for program and registration details. Seats for the Singapore workshops May 12 and May 19 are fully booked.)

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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