The following messages were transmitted by Cosmic Master Thoth, who was once the King Priest of ancient Atlantis.

“The Atlantis civilisation which existed on planet Earth some 100,000 to 150,000 years ago was the result of an experiment co-participated by the star nations of this galaxy. The aim was to produce a new breed of star beings who would eventually be capable of dwelling on planet Earth in physical form while fully holding the consciousness of the Galaxy and her constituent parts. The Atlantis program is part of the divine plan of the Milky Way Galaxy to transform Earth into the first Light City in form, functioning as the bridge between the world of materiality (3rd dimension) and the realms of the formless (5th dimension and above). To this end, the Ascended Masters began the construction of two etheric grids around the Earth as pre-requisites to the successful establishment of Tara, the designated star city : (i) Christ Consciousness Grid (CCG); and (ii) Buddhic Consciousness Grid (BCG). The former ensures the unity of hearts among the star humans who shall be the civilians of the eventual Tara [Love] while the latter is meant to bring about a perfect connectivity between the minds of man and the Mind of God [Light or Wisdom].

To comply with the Galactic Law that the heart (feminine creative principle or Love) precedes the mind (masculine principle or Light), accordingly the CCG needs to be fully anchored on Tara before the BCG can overlay the CCG and be functional completely. The new Atlantis program supported by both CCG and BCG has been referred to as the Maitreya program in the Book of Knowledge -Keys of Enoch©.

Due to the fall of Atlantis around 15000 years ago, part of the CCG was damaged, especially around the Bimini Islands, Bermuda Triangle and south eastern parts of America. These parts of the CCG need to be restored fully in order for Earth to hold her 5D energy frequency in harmony with her physical body (3D) and her galactic self (5D and above), before the new Atlantis race can emerge on Tara.

Many of ex-Atlantean star humans have been called back to Earth to heal their past life trauma relating to the sinking of the Atlantis continent and in so doing, assist in the repair of the CCG. Healing awakens the Love or Oneness consciousness which is the exact vibratory match for the CCG.” 

– Transmission received on 6 May 2013

Note from Amara Tia:

After receiving this transmission from Thoth, I now understand the ‘Return of the Dove’ Solstice Meditation 21st June as well as the Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshop 22-23 June which I have been guided to facilitate in New York City has the underlying purpose of restoring the planetary CCG  which is paramount to the rebirthing of Tara. As we heal our unloving memories, we cause our crystalline body to be re-activated and thus helping to re-build the CCG. Like the Masters always affirm, ‘As we heal one, we heal All’.

Also in relation to Thoth’s message, the same Making of the New Adam Kadmon workshop to be run in Hong Kong over the Vesak Full Moon 25-26 June is indirectly meant to continue the formation of the Buddhic Consciousness Grid and grounding it through the participants. In 2012, I was told Lord Buddha is the patron for Hong Kong. Of course, there is no better day to tap into the Buddhic Consciousness of the Spiritual Hierarchy than on Vesak Full Moon, the day commemorating the birth, death and attainment of enlightenment by Lord Gautama Buddha.

Program and registration details also available on Event Schedule. Look under June and May programs.


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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