Last night’s Master Teaching Class Creating The Galactic Human not only provided a good overview of the evolutionary path of humanity viz-a-viz the destiny of our galaxy, it also came with new insights on the necessary changes to the human body and the accompanying energy activations to quicken the actualisation of our potential as a Galactic Human Race – a civilization of Light (Galactic) in Form (Human) anchored on Unity Consciousness. The session closed with a gentle beautiful blessing of Compassion from Goddess Kuan Yin.

Go to Program for the specific teachings and energy transmissions received from The Elohim and Metatron through the Galactic Councils.

Session Recording

Comprises 3 audio tracks and a movie file (slides accompanied by audio recording).

  • Track 1: Opening Meditation and Invocation (7 min)
  • Movie :  Channeled teachings per program (45min)
  • Track 2: Teaching from Cosmic Master Thoth on the New Galactic Children (6 min)
  • Track 3: Light Language Recodings and Blessings (13 min) – slide below explains one of the energy activations transmitted


Order Instructions

Price for complete set of audio tracks and movie : SGD $20.

To order: email with subject title “Order MTC 10 May 2013 Recording”

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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